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Friday, August 31, 2012

Finished x 2 !

Before I start into my next big project I thought it would be wise to take a couple of days and finish a few projects I've had sitting around waiting for attention.  First of all, I covered a blank hardback book....

Click on the picture to embiggen!  Here's a mini tutorial for how I did it (be prepared to be impressed...not!!).  Anyhoo....first I covered the book with some heavy brown paper (recycled from a grocery bag), glued down with a coat of Mod Podge I had lurking in my stash for what seems like forever.  Big surprise was that it wasn't all dried up.  I marked out the spine area and covered that with little torn strips of masking tape.  The 'stamps' were cut from a vintage stamp collectors album (thanks Liz!!).  Another slathering of Mod Podge and I collaged the stamps onto the rest of the cover (front & back of the book).  After drying time on the balcony in the sun, I scrounged through my stash and came up with an eons-old bottle of water based walnut wood stain....slathered that on, and back into the sun to dry.  A coat or two of waterbase varnish and voila.....a new everyday sketchbook for moi!!


Here's a little felted bag.
This afternoon I embroidered the musical
notes onto it and it's now DONE!!
Pattern is 'Two Measures of Joy"
by Elizabeth Mamo.


  1. Well frankly...........I Am impressed!
    Funny though because I have torn off 2 Olympic Uk stamps to tuck in with your book, to send you in case you knew any bairns who collected stamps!! Hows that for odd...........we both were thinking stamps, the sticky post ones!!
    Cute bag too, like the notes idea!

  2. So glad to see where some of those stamps landed! Andy would be so happy to see this.

  3. Love the book - there's just no end to your talents MA!!!
    I'm so glad you'll be joining me in Paris tonight - the champers is flowing!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. omgosh....I absolutely MUST try the book cover! I have a book that I glued all the pages, to prep for an art journal (don't ask WHEN I will actually fill it~~HA! at least it's GLUED....) and was stumped and clueless for the cover.
    Until now.
    Thank you for getting the brain into gear, even if momentarily! LOL!!!


  5. I LOVE the stamp project! and especially impressed with your technology terms..LOL
    Very impressive ...
    AND the music bag.. how darling is that!
    Nice work.

  6. gorgeous book...and a musical bag. Is there no end to your talents???

  7. I think this book is made similar to the one you sent Harv. Love the stamps all over it.



  8. Very neat looking book cover. Thanks for the explanation on how you made it!


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