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Monday, August 06, 2012

Sites - for hot eyes

Sorry folks, no stitching here today.  BUT - for your viewing pleasure I have these....

1.   What long weekend in the summer would be complete without having burgers on the barbie?  Well, go HERE for a great low-calorie burger you are sure to love! 

2.  Trish Burr has done a most interesting interview with Di van Niekerk (silk ribbon embroiderer).  There is some lovely silk ribbon eye candy HERE along with the interview.  While you're there be sure to have a peek at Trish Burr's gallery too.  Be prepared to be wowed with her needlework skill!

3.  Connie often has some great links to organizational blogs and this time she has done something herself that I just love and would copy her idea in a heartbeat if I had the room for it.  Go HERE !

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