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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Working on Shimasani

Poor Shimasani has been shedding some real tears. She so wants to be able to dance like her ancestors and she couldn't...she had no feet!

That would never do, so the resident dollmaker went to work and made her some.

But then...what's this?....more tears?? Oh, when you dance you want to tell stories with your arms. And...what? You don't have any?

Well, then. No self-respecting dancer can look beautiful and tell wonderful stories without arms AND hands. Dollmaker made those too.

What's that? You're still crying? Whyever now? Oh, you're naked under your tabard? And it's coming into winter and it's cold? Well then. Dollmaker painted Shimasani so she can keep warm in the winter.

STILL crying? Why are you STILL crying? Oh. I see. All the other dolls are getting boobies and you want some too? You don't care if you're two-spirit and you're jealous of the rest?

Well, I guess we can't have that, so boobies you shall have, but we won't make them TOO obvious because after all, you're two-spirit, right? Ok.

So here are her boobies, and a closeup of her new feet.
But, she's STILL crying! Oh dear.


  1. ...that's because she needs new twinkling red dancing shoes. K.

  2. I think it's because she wants you to hurry up and finish her so she can go party somewhere.

  3. Oh MA you just make me smile with you wit. I love the "boobies".
    Why is she still crying? Is that the next installment?



  4. Boy, I need to whine more - Sani's getting everything she wants! I LOVE it all, MA. The body paint is perfect for her persona and you did an excellent job with the arms, hands, and feet. Love the way you attached the feet.

  5. MA I am just blown away at the work you did here. She looks wonderful! I just can't say enough about it. Everything is just perfect and fits in with her so well. I love it all! Thank you! Wow!

  6. love the hoofies and the body paint--electric :)

  7. The designs on her body are slammin!


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