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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Here is another picture of some of my ancestors. I think the man sitting in the front row has a very interesting beard! Of course there was no year recorded on the picture, but at least some of the names are there. The lady in the front row on the left is my great grandmother and beside her are her parents. They all look so somber, don't they.

I'm progressing with 'the book' and typed page 187 today. From eyeballing the original book, I would say I'm approaching being half done. At this point in the book, my gr gr grandfather is pretty much writing along with very few notes in the margins. As I progress further, he resumes the margin notes (on a pretty-much daily basis) and that will mean I have to rotate the original with each entry in order to be able to read and transcribe them. That will slow me down considerably!


  1. Love those old pictures like this one. The clothes, their faces, his beard...just everything.

  2. I thought you'd post the dear 4 incher. I find it quite amazing that the old photos are still around. They don't make paper or photos like they used to.

  3. MaryAnne, using the book by Alison Gernsheim "Victorian and Edwardian Fashion, a photographic survey" to estimate 1875 - 1885 for the date of your photo. Based on clothing, hair and pose. I really love those old photos, just goes to show we should all write dates and names on the back of photos in pencil for posterity doesn't it?
    Hooroo, Christine.

  4. I don't know about sombre, i think the lady on the left in the front row has a real twinkle in her eye. How marvellous that you have such good quality old photos. And the beard is a treat, i had to bring it up to full size to make sure it wasn't a collar as it looks to be from a distance. K.


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