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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Textile eye candy and coat woes

As I suspected, it's back to the drawing board with the denim coat I'm trying to create. Obviously trying to use a commercial pattern was my first mistake. I measured myself very carefully and chose the size that was 'right' according to the pattern. The only thing I altered was the length of the sleeves and I added a couple of inches onto the bottom of the main body (I need that because I'm 5'9" & have long arms & legs).

Well then. Ooookay. How come after the outside shell was put together and I tried it on, I could fit myself, my husband, and both dogs (and probably the cats too) inside it? Just goes to prove my point that sewing clothing is NOT my forte!! Frankly, it looks like h-e-doublehockeysticks.

So...I have put my stubborn hat on and I'm going to (gasp) recut it and try something else altogether. I'm awfully glad I was smart enough NOT to cut into the lining fabric until I was sure it would fit. I would be somewhat PO'd at this moment if I had wasted that beautiful fabric.

All this because I *want* a Khalat coat similar to the gorgeous one Arlee was sporting when I met her in person. Of course I was too lazy (and also too intimidated) to actually enlarge the pattern she shared and thought I could cut corners by using a similar commercial pattern. Well. We all know how THAT turned out...not! So, Arlee? Guess who is now drawing up innumerable 2" squares on paper so she can do it 'right'???

Told you I can't sew clothes!!!!!!!!


  1. sigh--i will make a life size copy and mail it to you, sweetie :}

  2. if i can find it

  3. MaryAnne, I NEVER sew for myself except to make costumes, and I've been sewing for clients for 35years now. We're always our own worst critics when it comes to fitting ourselves, VBG.
    Also the commercial pattern companies put so much wearing ease into things like coats that it's laughable. I think the standard is 10-12 inches oversized to allow for clothing underneath? They even add wearing ease to corsets for gosh sakes!! Arlee is so generous to offer to send you a life sized copy, a very good friend there. Good luck with your coat eventually,

  4. I know what you mean MA.
    I gave up sewing for myself years ago but I still remember measuring myself and then cutting the pattern out of the fabric only to discover exactly what you found.
    I wasted more fabric than I care to remember.

  5. MA, from what you said it has nothing to do with you being able to sew but about the pattern. If you had the right pattern it would be beautiful. I took a pattern making class which I loved, clothes fit me much better. But one thing I learned was to buy muslin when using a new pattern and make it first out of that. You can make alterations to that and use it for the final pattern for the real thing. At first I really grumbled but it does make less waste to expensive fabric and if it's something you like you have a perfect pattrn to use over and over.

  6. Hear, hear, i agree with J, it's not your sewing but the pattern sizing. I also have a friend who makes everything out of a cheap fabric first, and i think she uses tulle, not muslin, as the tulle doesn't stretch and distort as muslin might. Just a thought. K.

  7. I don't make clothes like I used to because of that very reason MA. It can be frustrating. I think it is the patterns too. something very wrong with them sometimes. but J's idea may be a good one.


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