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Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh, the indignities

Poor Shimasani! She is SO mortified to have her dress up over her head and exposed for all the world to see. I can hear her muttering to herself about not being able to breathe and she just KNOWS I'm going to post this awful picture and it certainly isn't showing her best side or her lovely face and hair do. I heard her say that she doesn't understand exactly what's wrong with her pretty tabard anyhow and wondering why I felt I had to paint her body. Poor thing!
However, she IS rather happy about getting these. They won't be sewn on though, until after her body paint is done because I just know she'll use these hands to sock me right in the eye for subjecting her to all this.

These arms are done somewhat differently to my normal way. I'm not exactly a pro at making fingers and have had more blowouts than I can count. Her arms/hands are on the small side, so I decided I would stitch around them, leaving the seams exposed. What you see in the picture is the damp line of Fray Check I have run around the outside. Once it dries I will cut the arms out close to the seam. The odd colour you're seeing in the fingers is the pipe cleaners I've used for the fingers showing through the Fray Check.

Now both Shimasani and I are waiting impatiently for the gesso to dry!


  1. Being me, living what I call *adventures*, I absolutely MUST have a great sense of humor..... ;)
    Oh course I laughed at the dolly with the skirt over her head; that looks like something I would have done with my uniform back in parochial school days! LOL!!!!


  2. i like the effect as is!

  3. Those hands look right cool, MA. But that was just mean to put that other pic on the web. What's gotten into you??? LOL!

  4. That's a neat way to do the arms and hands, thanks for the quick lesson. K.


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