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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A flock? of spiders.....

I don't know the proper term for more than one spider...I'm quite sure it's not a flock, but you get the idea! These are the little creatures we made at our last CQTeers meeting.

Apparently there is a story out there that spiders are lucky to have on your Christmas tree and having a spider web on a piece of crazy quilting is something that is traditional. These are a little large to put on a CQ I think, but using smaller beads and wire would make them suitable.

EDITED TO ADD: Here is the story of the Christmas spiders...thanks Yvonne!


  1. This is the story I found MA.

  2. Oh yes, spider webs on crazys are a must. Here is something I found you might like.

  3. They are very realistic, maybe a "frenzy" of spiders could be close! K.


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