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Friday, October 23, 2009

Shimasani is happy at last!

It gets pretty cold in Canada sometimes and she's heading out west to Moose Jaw where they've already had some snow...brrrr. Shimasani was continuing to cry because she knew she'd be cold when she got out there and she really, really wanted a warm cape to wear. So, the dollmaker obliged and made her one.
Here's a close-up of her new cape. It's made from hand rusted cotton fabric and lined with velveteen.
It's embroidered too and trimmed with a piece of honest-to-goodness real fur, which will be really warm when she braves the cold temperatures.
She can wear the hood up or down as she wishes. And no more crying! She's a happy camper right now, but wants me to hurry up and get her journal done so she can go and visit Karma.

Update on Odin - took him to the specialist again yesterday for a check and the dr. was quite pleased. The eye seems to be doing well. We have to keep giving him some of the meds for the next three weeks and then take him back for a final check. He suggested we take Odin to see a neurologist too, but we said no. We can't afford to keep doing this, so had to draw the line. Thanks for all your kind thoughts!!


  1. Super cape, MA! So glad Odin is doing better. I was wondering about him.

  2. I love the cape MA. As you know I love rusted fabric and I wondered what you were going to do with fur when you mentioned it. The designs on it are great too. Now she will stay warm! It's perfect!
    Hey, I'm glad Odin is better but I understand about drawing the line.

  3. It's good news week all around then, Shimanasi has a beautiful new snuggly cape and Odin's hanging in just fine. Well done. K.

  4. Glad to hear some good news about Odin. Your cape gave me ideas - thanks.

  5. Hi MA! Love the cape. The embroidery is beautiful! How did you attach your fur? I used rabbit fur on the tops of some boots for my doll Mars and also for his cape. It was such a pain to work with. I ended up gluing it to the cape after struggling with sewing the tops of his boots on.

  6. Hi, I'm always happy to hear from you and love to get comments, but don't feel you HAVE TO! lol :o)

    Just pop by when you feel like it, hun xx



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