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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Look who's visiting!!

This is Yvonne's doll from the Art Doll Coolaberation 2009 who is visiting me right now. She is a work of art already and it's going to be SO much fun to create something new for her.
Isn't her face absolutely gorgeous? This is real red clay and I think she has glass eyes. I love it!! Her hair style is beyond wonderful...with real bones AND her braids are made with real horse hair (from Gails horse).

The back of her head, showing the intricate detail of her hair style.

I already have an idea for what I'd like to make for just have to translate it into fact!!


  1. She does look wonderful doesn't she. Gail and Barb just outdid themselves. I know you will surprise me as well. This project is so much fun!

  2. Wow, she's really cool!!!

    And you've won my draw for the ATC book :) Send me your address, please, so I can send it out to you!!!

  3. Isn't she fabulous, i just love the hair, and her face is so alive. You will have a lot of fun with her, as she has so much spirit already. K.

  4. Your Live Traffic Feed is funny. Yesterday it thought i had come from Yarramalong and today it thinks I'm in Hunter's Hill. There is a bit of distance between those two. K.


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