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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Halloween doll swap and little wooden things

Today I received my Halloween swap doll from Jeanne of the 3-D Doll group and I was so excited when I opened the package! This little charmer is only 4 inches tall which is totally amazing. Just take a peek at his little fingers and toes (and his ears!). (Click to embiggen the picture so you can see the details). The meticulous beading that Jeanne has done boggles my mind and I'm totally enthralled with him. AND, not only was there one fun thing in the package...there were two! She also sent me a beaded bracelet! It looks just like candy corn and little tiny pumpkins. Thank you Jeanne!!

Below is a photo of another 'little' we got yesterday. Our friends were on holiday in Austria for a month and we housesat while they were gone. They brought me back a lovely amethyst necklace (which is really hard to photograph) and this cute little wooden penquin and her baby.She's only a little over 3" tall. Her baby is removeable.
Have I started a collection of 'littles'???


  1. J's Frankenstein rocks. And I love those darling penguins.


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