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Friday, October 16, 2009

Good mail week

In the middle of my bad week, at least the mail has been bright! Above you can see just some of the paper ephemera that stuffed TWO large envelopes I won on the studio tour. This is only a small portion of the art fodder I discovered when I opened them up and I know I will have a blast playing with the goodies. Check out Amy's blog here....thank you Amy!

Below are two pictures of the mail I got today, also something I was lucky enough to win on the tour. I had to show you the beautiful presentation. First the envelope had a wonderful tree and birds on the outside (why don't I ever think of doing that?) and, when I got inside, I found the book was wrapped in pretty tissue with a paper sleeve around it. Lovely!
And...inside the wrapping was this book!! I've had this on my wish list for awhile so I was really thrilled to get my own copy. Wendy discovered she had two and was generous enough to share. Thank you Wendy, I love it!! You can see Wendy's blog here.
Update on Odin...keeping the status quo. At least there's been no change for the worse at this point.

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  1. More wonderful stuff in the mail. that always cheers up the day. Glad to hear Odin isn't any worse also.


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