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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Winnings, birthday present, and update

Because I was one of the first 25 people to register for the virtual studio tour through the Quilting Arts magazine, I won a door prize. I got a package of espresso coloured clothes pegs (which will be great to hang things on my studio clothesline) and a package of braided rope, which I can either use as another clothesline or maybe I'll try doing a small fabric bowl. Thank you Quilting Arts for the goodies and for organizing such a fun tour!

Below is how I spent my gift certificate from the local bookstore (which I got for my birthday in July). It's taken me awhile to decide which one from my HUGE wish list I would order. I had read about this book on one of the blogs and, out of curiosity, had it brought in to our library. I coveted it immediately, so the decision was made. It's taken awhile to come in but now it has, and I know exactly what I'll be doing tonight!!
Update on Odin (for those who are interested) seems to be about the same as yesterday, despite the meds. At least the situation isn't getting any worse, so we're hopeful. Last time it took over a week to become critical, so we are cautiously optimisitc.

AND....just to make life really complete (hah)...this morning a HUGE (gigantic, enormous, cavernous...well, you get the idea) filling fell out of my tooth at the breakfast table. Hmm. Well then. It wasn't the one I've been expecting to fall out. Hmmmm.

Never rains but it pours!


  1. great stuff for the studio tour. Seems I missed out :-( so I'll just enjoy your creation vicariously....

  2. Congrats on winning the clothes pegs and line (!)......Sorry about the tooth. Don't smile too much in case anything else decides to part company.
    Fingers crossed for Odin. That's a lovely pic of him.

  3. MaryAnne, just read about Odin, fingers crossed for him. Pets are such an important part of the family unit aren't they? Sounds like an expensive week at your place between vets and fillings. Better do some textile therapy I think, VBG!

  4. It was terrific to win something for a change, and that's a wonderful book you've bought, it should help you recover from nasty school teachers. As for Odin - no news is usually good news so lets all hope that the meds have started to do their work. K.

  5. Hope your tooth is better. You did win some great stuff! That should help out, huh!!! :)


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