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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Metal doll?

This doll was just completed as part of a challenge on the Decidedly Different Doll Yahoo group I belong to. We were to create a doll using metal. This one is an altered doll which began as a metal Christmas tree for her skirt. The torso was a plastic doll from the thrift shop. I cut her in two at the waist (ouch!) and then gave her a lobotomy (bigger ouch!). I used cheap paper clay inside her body and to recreate the top of her head.
I deconstructed a computer keyboard and some of the keys became part of her hairstyle, along with some pretty coloured wires I had kicking around in my stash. They were stuck into the paper clay before it dried. Then I painted her with some silver paint and used funky nail polish for her lips and eye colours. Her necklace is a recycled gold chain, holding an old key I found in the garage.
Her skirt is mainly the metal Christmas tree with the addition of some silver beads, some little keys and some locks. Her cape is metal mesh ribbon.
Here's the back view. (Each of these pictures is clickable if you'd like a better look). Before you ask, my husband thinks I'm heading for the nearest looney bin!


  1. Love her MA! I'm going to have to take apart a thrift store doll sometime and see what I can do with her. You came up with some very clever ideas here. Very cool!!

  2. I find it really interesting. Gives one some weird new ideas...

  3. Show your hubby this one if he you're wacky. It's an altered doll.

  4. That is amazing MA you have combined so many things into one incredible art doll.
    Well done.

  5. i

  6. Congrats Mary Anne - you know what? I think you've made that leap you were talking about. Love it.

  7. I am impressed. This is my first visit with you. That is amazing.

  8. Hi Mary Anne
    I came back to read what others thought of your metal doll and found my second comment was missing a word. I honestly don't know how that happened. 'thinks'
    There, now no more missing word.

  9. MA you have such fabulous ideas. Who wold think of a small Christmas tree for the bottom of the body. Very, very clever. Also likerd the combo of the silver and metal mesh. the key was a good touch.




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