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Monday, August 24, 2009

Swap doll

This is the little 4" doll I made to send out for a swap in our Decidedly Different Doll group. I, of course, did my usual and forgot to take a photo before sending her, so Jeanne was kind enough to forward hers on to me so I could show it here.

Today I'm working on my 'homework' for our CQTeers meeting on Wednesday (which I can't show until later) and also on my metal doll (which I can't show either). You'll just have to wait to see what I'm doing!


  1. So cute. Love the "real" faces added to dolls. The colors are very nice and bright which I like. Good job.

  2. You probably get more done than those of us busy showing the "in process" pics as you're able to get off the computer :-) Looking forward to seeing them done though! :-)

  3. Good looking gal. the color orange was never a favorite of mine and all of a sudden it has become very popular. Orange and blue, orange and purple, etc. I have even started using more orange myself.

    You do a lot of different, fun things.



  4. Comments on Orange duly noted. Could this be an Arlee virus? I've noticed I'm using more Orange here and there (with purple]....
    ....hmmm...just wondering...

  5. MMMMMMMMMMMM, orange :}The beading encrustation is fabu as well!


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