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Monday, August 10, 2009

Finished Pillow!

Yeah! Something got finished today (well, almost). This is the ring bearer pillow I was commissioned to do which has been sitting half finished for too long. The wedding is in September so I thought it was high time I got it done.

I finally mustered the courage to stitch a monogram (thanks to Mary Corbet!) and I'm pretty pleased at how they turned out. There was a bit of minor puckering around the letters but I think that is due to the type of fabric I used.

The whole thing is approximately 9" square. Now I have to scrounge around to find some small plastic rings so that I can attach the ribbon to hold the wedding rings. I want that to be removable after the wedding.


  1. its beautiful! well done.

  2. Yes, beautiful! Your embroidery looks like trapunto. I had to take another look when you mentioned embroidery.

  3. Lucky Katrina and Evan.

  4. Hi MA

    Your pillow is beautiful and you did a great job on the monogram. I find these very hard to do - isn't that silly. We do the same stitches in other things so must be a mental thing. Maybe I was scared as a child by a bad monogram.

    The young couple will love it and it is a keeper.



  5. Anonymous5:55 PM

    wonderful - you did a grreat job on the monograms!

  6. Beautiful job! they will love it I'm sure!


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