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Friday, August 21, 2009

Treasures, Neck cricks, and scary stuff!

Talk about a variety of items in one I have it all!! My friend Marie Alton went on a road trip a couple of days ago and stopped in for a visit. She brought along the jaw-droppingly gorgeous piece of silk ribbon embroidery I won on her blog awhile back. This picture quite simply does NOT do this piece justice! I am amazed at her wanting to part with it in the first place because it was published (along with a lovely article on how to make Melanie Roses, which were named after her daughter) in the Spring/Summer 2001 Quilting Arts Magazine. I am honoured to give it a home...thank you Marie!!!
The picture above is where the 'neck crick' part of the post comes in. Why on earth my camera took both of these pictures with the same orientation and turned one sideways I'll never know! Anyhoo...this is a chair (10" high) I picked up at a thrift store. It is originally meant to hold a candle (hence the 'spike' in the middle of the seat), but it will make a very fine chair for a doll, don't you think?

And, finally we come to the scary stuff....
this is a picture of the sky out our front door approximately 8 o'clock last night. There were tornado warnings for the area, but we were fortunate and didn't get anything other than a huge amount of rain, thunder and lightening. Other places not so far away weren't so lucky. Tornados aren't a 'normal' thing in this area, so it's pretty frightening when we get dire warnings all over the tv and radio and are urged to take cover. Needless to say I wasn't about to turn the computer on last night to post to my blog!! P.S. - the 'light' showing in the upr-mid of the picture is a street light, not the sun.

Here's an interesting tidbit I had never heard before...did you know that it isn't safe to go outside after a thunderstorm for at least 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard? Apparently the lightning will travel underground and can surface miles away from the strike. There is a little boy in the hospital in Toronto that happened to, so it's a thing to keep in mind. (This info was announced on both our weather channel on tv and on the radio). Stay safe!


  1. glad the worst of the storm missed your place... Love the chair for a doll -- a great idea.

  2. Your picture is lovely. I have the instructions for the Melanie rose but have never tried it. I must one of these days.

    Heard and saw some of the bad storm you had up TOronto and north. Harv's sister lives in Mississauga and had a huge old tree come right smack down in the middle of their driveway. Her husband had gone north and kind neighbours got out saws and trucks and got it cleared from the drive so she could at least get her car out. Toronto never used to get this type of storm.



  3. We just got the heavy rain too. My friend Ann and I just made it to Marg's house to quilt before the rain came (about 7:15) and we were in the basement anyway. I figured it was pretty safe down there but the lights kept flickering. I was sewing so we were a bit concerned. No blackout though and we just kept on with it. Then the sky really lightened up.
    I love chairs for some reason (small ones) and so yes, I do agree that it would be great for a doll.

  4. Looks like you're going to have lots to show and share at our next CQteers meeting. The picture is just beautiful...what more can I say.

  5. Great chair, but ouch! Very cool sky pic.


  6. Ribbon emb. is lovely, wish I could do it. And the little chair will be perfect for a doll. Hope you don't get any more storm warnings. I remember tornadoes in the Tx. panhandle when I was very small. Very scary. Your's must have been caused by Hurricane Bill coming up that way.


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