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Friday, August 07, 2009

Watch out!!

This morning I've been faffing about trying to find and print a semi-decent picture of me to include with the journal that is travelling with the art dolls. I HATE having my picture taken so there are very few of them around.

IF you computer managed to survive 'seeing' this come up on your screen (!) I am....


  1. I think you are beautiful. Wish my gray hair was white like yours.

  2. Anonymous3:05 PM

    You are lovely. But, me too, pictures I mean. Ack!

  3. paula hewitt3:33 PM

    well I have the same problems with photos - but i wouldnt if I looked like you!! and so far my computer has survived the shock. paula

  4. MA, that's a great photo.

  5. I hear you about hiding from the camera.... What the camera sees and what I imagine don't overlap enough for my comfort! I think the pic you posted is wonderful though -- even if it doesn't overlap with your self image as much as you'd like

  6. How do you do? Nice to see you. The computer works again and it seem like I was not the only one affected.

  7. You are very brave MA but I must say it is a beautiful picture. How could it not be lookin like you do. I don't think any of us are ever happy with our own pics.
    Monday when I was laying on the hospital bed with the beautiful nightie and a blue hair net, no makeup Harv went to reach for something in his fanny pack and I thought he was going for his camera. I said I'll kill you if you take a pic and the poor guy was looking for his keys. Wouldn't that have been a pretty one for my blog?



  8. You are simply, beautifully you, Sis--and ladies, i can attest to the fact that she looks as good in real life, face to face!

  9. Yup...I agree with Arlee...and I bet you're blushing all over at the compliments!

  10. Hello. You look good.
    Thanks for your comment..calling my work space a studio elevates to a new plane.

  11. Hello there MA, nice to see you. You are as white headed as I am!!!!! LOL


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