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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Journal pages

These are two of the journal pages I made to go along withKyra. The above page is painted and heated tyvek. I added beads and a knitted 'bit' of the yarn I used to make her talisman bag. Behind the tyvek is some green fabric which peaks through the holes. The green represents the earth that is being consumed by lava as Kyra has a temper tantrum.

Below is another page, this time simply painted white paper, with a coat of water base varnish to seal it. I printed off the pictures I had of what I did with her face and head and surrounded them with more of the yarn used previously. The flowers are buttons (with the shank removed) as is the sun and her purple crown.
I might add some words to this page before I'm done. (Pictures are clickable, as always!)


  1. Good to see you are busy producing - I really love the doll and journal. Good work!

  2. Those are HOT journal pages MA!!! Love 'em!

  3. These pages are great and really match Kyra. I think whomever gets it will be very happy with her.




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