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Monday, August 17, 2009

Crazy Quilts, Winning, and Eye Candy

Just look at what came in the mail from Jo in NZ! I won this postcard in one of her monthly drawings and I'm thrilled! You all know how much I like denim, so this is exactly right for me. Thank you so much Jo!!

And speaking of Jo....she is having a big giveaway to celebrate her 600th post. Her work is beautiful, so you will want to check out her giveaway here. She has more of her beautiful work available for sale at her Etsy shop here. She also sells lovely vintage textiles at her other Etsy shop here. Be sure to check them all out to see just what she keeps busy at!

Pat Winter is having a lovely giveaway on her blog too! If you haven't seen one of her sweet little wire birds nests, have a look here!

Allison Aller has directed us to a couple of beautiful crazy quilting eye candy areas. She is involved in the Alliance For American Quilts and there is a whole gallery of crazy quilts to be seen here. She has also posted some lovely pictures of antique crazy quilts here.

I'm on a winning streak! I received an email from Planet Purl to inform me that I had won the draw for July and will be receiving 16 (!) balls of yarn (Muench GGH Linarte) and a pattern to make a sweater!! Wow! At the rate I knit sweaters, don't expect to see the finished product for at least three years. It will be such fun to receive some really good wool for my stash, instead of using the cheapie stuff from our local dept. store!

Last, but certainly not least, Mary Corbet is running a series on Long & Short Stitch on her blog. Her guidance is superb, so if it's a stitch you aren't comfortable with, be sure to have a look. I know it's one I will need to spend some time practicing. (There are links at the bottom of her current post that will lead you to the other lessons). If you haven't taken time to look around on her blog, please do. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!


  1. That is a pretty denim ATC. I've been making some lately and they are fun really.

  2. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Geez are luckier than a dog with two tails! Great sites. Thanks for showing them to us.
    Mrs Noofy


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