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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My corpse is home!

A corpse? Why, yes, it is. Several months ago Arlee arranged round three of our Exquisite Corpse challenge and my piece has come home. I love it! (To explain...each of the groups had 5 participants. The originator of the piece did the head and then covered all but 1/2" at the bottom. It was mailed on to the next member. They then added the shoulders and upper chest, again covering what they did and leaving only 1/2" visible. And so on, until all the members had completed their section. Then the piece was mailed back to the owner to be unveiled). The above picture shows the entire piece.
This is the head that I began the piece with. The snakes are trapunto-ed and some are dimensional.
Robin worked on the shoulders.
Kaite did the mid-section.
Miles did the hips/upper legs area.
And finally, Arlee finished the piece by doing the lower legs & feet.

I'm thrilled with the end result. Thank you so much to all that were in my group, and especially Arlee for being the 'force' behind the project.

***Edited to add: Each section on the piece is 'finished' at 7" square. The entire piece (excluding the outside seam allowances) measures 7" x 35".


  1. That's very cool. What are the dimensions? I'm glad you showed the individual sections on the full piece I missed that there are feet standing on the skull. Could only see the skull. : 0

  2. What a fun project! Nice to do something beyond the ordinary.

  3. This is just wonderful and looks like such fun. One of these days I must try something like that if I ever get my crazy quilts finished. Would be a nice change.

    This sure is a keeper and you can hang it in your sewing room.



  4. Thanks for sharing the finished piece ... of course, I have to see it in person at our next get together. Great to see how it all came together...

  5. What a great idea for an art show. I've seen other kinds of EC but this one turned out wonderful.


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