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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dis-jointing and stuff

Yep, we're still swatting the flying hordes. Right now I can see eight on one light fixture in my studio, but I don't dare swat them there for fear I shatter the bulbs. Considering that I have three double lights in my room, you can just imagine how many are hovering over my head! The cats think we provided all these flies just for their entertainment (but I think they're even getting bored). Yeewww.

I returned to work on my 'metal' doll and pulled a few things out of my component box for possible use. I also spent some time tearing a computer keyboard apart (who knew there was all that usable stuff!) and also tore apart an old electric alarm clock. I'm liking all the gears and washers and interesting little 'bits' that are going directly into my component box for future reference.

Hey Arlee...recognize some of the bits in the pic?


  1. AHA! Yes i do and am intrigued by your description of parts--hmmm...

  2. Well, hello Dr Frankenstein... it must be the flies, the flies.....

  3. Looks like some good stuff there. Can't wait to see the metal doll...that is what you are making right!!!!


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