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Friday, April 24, 2009


We have flowers. Real ones. In the garden. And the snow is melted away!! Roll on, allergies - I'll welcome you back with open arms if I can only have some warmth!

I'm not so sure, however, if I feel so benevolent towards our postal service in this country. They seem to have managed to misplace a piece of our Exquisite Corpse round robin, which is thoroughly maddening (and most of all, disappointing to the owner). All that hard work is gone...somewhere....with no means of tracing it. The only hope now is that somehow it will get returned to the sender, but what are the odds? It's not that the piece was a little tiny postcard, which you can understand perhaps getting lost in the equipment. From now on I will be sending all my art pieces 'traceable', even though there is more cost involved. Oddly enough, this is the SECOND time this has happened with a 'corpse' piece (Arlee's finished piece never arrived home from the first round). Very disappointing.


  1. Dontcha hate when that happens? I always hold my breath when handing a piece over to them ... until I get confirmation that it has arrived...then I can relax.

    Vikki Clayton sent me some threads last year that still have not arrived! Why is this so difficult?

    It's only mail!

  2. MA, sorry to hear about the missing piece. Thanks for looking at my blog and commenting. Susan


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