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Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Done (almost)!!!!!

Remember this???? The red blob?
Lookie! It's a sweater AND (drum roll) it actually fits!!! It doesn't have any buttons yet because I haven't found any I like. It is the first knitted garment I have made and I am so happy to have it over and done with.

It's the Einstein coat pattern from Sally Melville's knit stitch book, the name of which escapes me (and I have loaned it to a friend). I will edit the post to include that info shortly. HERE'S THE INFO: 'The Knitting Experience - Book 1: The Knit Stitch'.

Now I'm about to try something to see if the linkage problem I've been having is now figured out. Please bear with me. This is a test to see if this link will work now: Nope, didn't work. Back to the drawing board on that one!!

Test # 2....maybe I got it now??? I'm trying to send you over to Marie's blog to read more about Amy's Ride, so..... Marie's blog

YEEHAW!!!! I think I got it!!!! Will somebody please let me know if it worked?? Thanks! HUGE thanks to Arlee for bailing me out...again.


  1. your link worked fine Mary Anne :-)

    Love the red blob. Hope you're able to find some scrumptious buttons to just finish it off.

  2. I stopped over to help you with links but it looks like you have it figured out. No email address anywhere, though.

  3. You are a genius MA--but you already knew that anyway.

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