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Monday, April 13, 2009

First pie!!!

Just look at this wonderful pie!!
It's the very first pie our son's girlfriend has made and she has reason to be proud! She asked Jack if he would teach her how to make an apple pie (including the pastry) so that was their project on Saturday. He showed her how while he made the one on the left and then she made the one on the right all by herself. She's done something I have never been able to manage and that's making pastry. If a pie doesn't have the good ol' graham cracker crust it won't get made if I have anything to do with it. I won't say just how many failed pastries ended up in the garbage before I admitted defeat!!


  1. WHAT? He makes pies to go along with the bread? You better lock him away next time I come to TO. Man sounds too good to be true.



  2. Yeh the girl's a genius.
    I can't make pastry either -I put crumble on top of mine (a mixture of plain flour brown sugar and butter rubbed together until it resembles breadcrumbs)
    I buy frozen apple pies.

  3. And why, pray tell, was there no pie then when we met?????????????
    I buy frozen shells,too:}

  4. Anonymous11:14 AM

    My pastry is like frizbees. I get pie shells for Christmas from my Aunty who makes devine pastry! E.D Smith makes great filling and there you are. The only thing domestic about me is..that I live in a house!! lol
    Mrs Noofy


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