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Thursday, April 02, 2009


I did take a picture to show you today, but it's dead boring so I decided you really wouldn't want to see it! I tried another experiment with the air drying clay and tried wrapping some around crumpled aluminum foil. It, too, peeled off in the same manner as on the doll. Hmm. I have now tried rolling it into a couple of balls to see if it is of any use as beads. Don't forget that this particular paper clay is from the local dollar store, so it may not be as 'good' as the more expensive versions.

Received the latest issue of 'A Needle Pulling Thread' magazine (which is a Canadian publication) and noticed the following (quoting Carla A. Cononico, editor-in-chief) "...very pleased to announce the launch of our online needlework business directory, where we've listed over 1500 needlework-related businesses of all types across Canada". I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but it certainly sounds like it might be a valuable resource.

Another thing I noticed in the magazine is a link to a site concerning textiles (again in Canada). This is what it says: "Joe Lewis....has been presenting Canadian Textile and Fibre arts since 2005 in fibreQUARTERLY on-line at". Again, I haven't had a chance to explore, but it also sounds like it might be interesting.

It's been a good mail week because the latest Quilting Arts magazine arrived today. I haven't had time to do more than leaf through it quickly, but I can see a number of articles I'm looking forward to reading as soon as I have a few minutes.

There was a notice on both Allison Aller's and Marie Alton's blogs today that Maureen Greeson has re-opened an on-line shop. Good news for anyone interested in crazy quilting! if you'd like to have a look.

ANOTHER PUZZLEMENT. WHY oh why has Blog-grr now decided that it doesn't want to have the links 'linkable'??????????? At least today it didn't decided to underline my first sentence like it has been. Must be spring fever.


  1. I wonder if the clay is flaking and cracking because its drying too quickly?

  2. Joe's quarterly is very interesting, as is his own work.
    Did you try the glue thing with the paper clay yet? Think i'll give it a shot this weekend, need some "faces".


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