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Friday, April 03, 2009

The lump and the lug

I'm actually knitting. This sweater WILL be done...someday. I hope. It's one of those knitting projects that beginners undertake for their first 'large' project. Something safe. Something easy. Something so mind-numbingly BORING that you begin to wonder why you decided knitting might be fun in the first place. Something that, as you're knitting, you feel distressing thoughts that after ALL that m-n BORING knitting, might not even fit. Yeah, it's that sort of project. I WANT IT DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

For those of you who have been wondering, here's a picture of our one-eyed wonderdog Odin and his partner in crime Gypsy. As you can see, Odin is having a grand time barking at the camera and Gypsy is poised to nip at his back leg (either to shut him up or to start a wrestling match...which, btw, he allows her to win).


  1. My knitting these days is limited to scarves but then there's the question---how many scarves does one person need.

  2. I think you're fed up with your Einstien Jacket because its been such a long winter. Personally, said she with a toss of her head, I really enjoyed doing mine. Just get on with it, love..focus on the positive...its nearly finished and you'll really enjoy wearing it. Loved the pic of the dogs.

  3. lovely dogs. Odin does not seem to be suffering at all!


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