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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

M-E-S-S (disguised as creativity)

Ideas Galore!
But not enough time to execute them so far this week. Starting the week off with a holiday seems to have completely messed me up. That, and the fact that DH decided it would be in his best interests to fall down the basement stairs meaning that I have to take over the cooking and pretty much everything else until all his bruises heal. Nothing broken, thank goodness, but he's not moving too far at the moment. It appears that his knee gave out at the top of our small pair of steps leading up to the kitchen and, when he grabbed the railing, somehow he managed to do a pirouette and flung himself down the larger set of stairs. Once the fright was over I reminded him that he was too old to be taking up ballet. This morning I asked him what DIDn't hurt (which is a much shorter list than listening to what DOES hurt). He's not a complainer tho', which is a good thing!!

So....because of all this, my studio is in a total state of disarray which has to be cleaned up before a friend arrives for coffee in the morning. One step forward, three steps back....


  1. You know what we are all going to say don't you?
    "you pushed him didn't you"

  2. Give the Ballet Boy a hug for me :}

  3. AHA!!! I see dye and spray bottles---YAY!

  4. Give that man some pie if there is any left and treat him nice. Look at it this way - the faster he heals the faster he can get his cooking job back. Only kidding - falling down the stairs is no fun. I did it awhile back and thought I was finished.
    I don't know if any one else has this problem but I fall going upstairs all the time. I am careful going down after my bad fall but going up I think I try to go too fast and always trip.



  5. OMG ... poor Jack! Poor you!
    That is one of my all-time biggest fears ... falling down a flight of I sympathize with his plight ... hope he's back to his ol' self again soon.

    Thanks for the Ride plug ...your are such a great frined!

    Looking forward to seeing your dolly bits take form!

  6. ooops.. you're not a frined...that should be FRIEND!

    Where's Spellcheck when ya need it?


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