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Thursday, April 09, 2009


Does anyone happen to know of a source where I could find a product called 'soutache braid'? I have been commissioned to make a ring bearer's pillow and the idea I have in mind uses it. Thought it would be fairly simple to track down, but I haven't had any luck. It's not that I NEED it, but I WANT it!!

Here's an interesting site I stumbled across: (darn it, Blog-grrrr isn't linking again!!). Anyhoo, there is tons of info on this site about dollmaking.

Yesterday I was the designated driver to take friends Irene & Sue on a shopping expedition. We hit all the good places - Michaels; a really decent dollar store; Chapters; Canadian Tire; and, of course, Tim Horton's for the necessary intake and outgo of fluids. Fun day! I finally succumbed (as did Irene) and got a lovely little soldering iron to set the smoke alarm off with. Have to like these tools that create such chaos!! Can't wait to have time to play with it.

Knitting? You wanted to know how the knitting was coming? Well. Ummmm. I kicked the bag it's in today. Does that count?


Quilt Pixie said...

try a place that would sell corset making materials, or a spot that sells machine embroidery services, or someplace that sells the accroutrements for making graduate gowns or church robes.... or a fabric store that sells fancy tassels and curtain making cording etc....

Doreen G said...

What colour do you want :-)asks I who has some

Anonymous said...

Exquisite Effects in Peterborough. I can get you Josie's number if you want/need it
Mrs Noofy

Bev said...

I"m sure you googled it right? I was going to suggest JoAnne Fabrics or something like that...I sure hope Doreen has what you need. Best of luck doing this commissioned piece...
Happy Easter!!!

paulahewitt said...

three things:
1. trust D to have just what you need tucked away in her stash - i dont even know what it is.
2. i thought Canadians spelled 'proper' like us - tire??
3. kicking the knitting does not count. unless it is complicated matrix style kick boxing that actually manages to get more stitches on the needle.
have a lovely easter.

FredaB said...

Okay I know I have been gone a long time but what would Canadian Tire have for you sewing gals? Michaels, Tim Hortons, okay. Chapters must be new or at least to me. What am I missing for next time I come up to TO.



Anonymous said...

I believe you have the link typed in wrong, MA. It should be - no 'dot' between dollmakers & muse.

Gail V

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Bridal shops and probably many places in the Toronto garment district. You might call Designer Fabric Outlet to see if they carry it. Be careful if you go there though, the fabric is overwhelming.