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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Knitting....and knitting....and .....

I WILL finish the sweater, I will finish the sweater, I will finish the sweater, chug, chug.

However, I will go batty if I don't get it done soon.

Sorry, no pictures today....busy. Knitting.


  1. I'm sure you'll appreciate all the effort you put in next fall when you get to wear it! :-)

  2. Can I put in an order for one when you finish please.
    I need it for this winter(ours not yours)

  3. MA

    I have a neighbour who was going crazy trying to do a baby blanket for a grandchild. I think it was cross stitch. She actually told me that it was making her so crazy one night about midnight she threw it into a garbage bag and drove up to where there were apts. with an outside waste receptacle. Told me she felt like the weight of the world was off her shoulders. It takes all kinds. So you can do the midnight run if this gets
    to that point.

    Have a Great Easter holiday. Good Friday isn't really a holiday down here. Most people have to work.




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