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Thursday, January 29, 2009


I know this isn't the promised picture for today, but it's been one of 'those' days when I haven't accomplished anything I planned on doing. Here's our beloved 'cone head' sporting the latest in designer head gear for dogs. Very fetching, don't you think? I won't take a picture of our black & blue legs because you can use your imagination for that! His peripheral vision is not there - between the eye that's been removed and the cone blocking his other eye.

He has also discovered the joys of using the cone to hoover up snow in the backyard and then bring a ton of it into the house with him. We are developing a whole new type of dance - instead of the chicken dance or the hokey pokey, we're doing some sort of 'avoid the cone, lift feet through the puddles' manouver. I'm sure it will be all the rage on the YouTube sure you watch for it! Here's what happens when Jack forms a lap. Two animals, sound asleep (and they say dogs and cats don't get along).


  1. Yes, M A, we've had a few "cone heads" at our place over the years, cats who get abcesses in places where they can pull out the drainage tubes. They never get used to them, and I also take pity and remove them too soon, they pull at and remove the tubes. Then we go back to the vet to have another put in if it has only JUST gone in, VBG. The things we do for our beloved pets! Odin does look fetching, doesn't he? Good luck with all the treatment, glad he's gotten this far,

  2. Give Odin some skritches for me---i owe him!

  3. Sorry to read about your puppy dog's unfortunate condition. Thankfully though that it didn't spread to his other eye and that he is doing well. He looks like such a sweet dog and he resembles my own Max.

    jan (new EC player)

  4. AHHH! Poor thing. And the indignity of it all!


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