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Monday, January 26, 2009

I met Arlee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday was a day of many emotions! This part was THE best. I got to meet Arlee and she is EXACTLY what I expected. I think, if I were able to draw, I would have been able to draw a pretty accurate picture despite never having seen her. How weird is that?

We arranged to meet at a little store right across the street from her moms. I had described our car (a bright blue...very dirty...Toyota Matrix with a Canadian flag on the antenna). In one of our several phone calls that morning, we said we were on our way. She hung up, looked out the window, and saw a car exactly like ours already at the store and she thought we must have flown. She tore out the door and arrived just in time for the car to drive away! She must have thought we took one look and didn't want anything to do with her!

We drove down the highway looking for the store, but I totally missed seeing it...however, I DID see Arlee standing outside. I nearly deafened poor Jack yelling at him to stop, stop...there's Arlee! She was dressed in a wonderful coat (that I fully intended to get a picture of, and didn't) which was obviously her own design and, of course, really kewl handmade earrings, cuff bracelet and a wonderful beaded bracelet...all orange (what else???).

We looked around the little store for a few minutes and then headed for Tim Horton's (who, I'm sure, didn't know what had hit them). Two giggly, excited women gabbing a mile a minute and most of the time forgetting to breathe (at least I wasn't...dunno about Arlee). We had a magnificent show n share session and I got to see a couple of her art journals...oh wow. I actually got to TOUCH some of her work (which, if you know me, is even better than seeing it with my eyes). She gave me some pieces too...which I'll show tomorrow.

Her hoodoos are every bit as awesome as I could have hoped. Her work is totally fun and funky and artsy...just like Arlee is. (Can you tell that we hit it off??). Three hours of fun, fun, fun at Tim's (and they didn't offer to kick us out...bless them).

Here we are.....

...two happy campers. Wishing so much that we lived close enough to play on a regular basis. Thank you was a joy to meet you.

p.s. About Odin...his surgery went well and he's home sporting one of those plastic cones on his head for the next two weeks, when he goes back to have the stitches removed.


  1. Oh, that's just how I imagine it would be meeting Arlee :-)
    So good you too could meet.

  2. How cool, I'm so glad you got to meet up with Arlee! Someday I hope to, but it will take a lot of traveling to arrange it.

  3. Anonymous1:07 PM

    What a couple of beauties! I hope our planned trip to Canada comes off this summer. If so I plan to contact both of you.

  4. Lucky you!
    I always find that when I meet bloggers they are very different than th eimage I have of them. Arlee looks different again in your picture than I imagined her. Its so fascinating.

  5. so you liked her then? :) what a lovely photo of the pair of you - i take it Jack took himself off somewhere manly for a while to avoid earache?
    Im looking forward to seeing your goodies.

  6. Lucky you getting to touch Arlee AND her work. I only got to touch her work at the Cyber Fyber show. Glad to hear you both had such a good time.

  7. Glad that you had a great time --it is so special to meet in the flesh one of your blogging friends and it is amazing how you feel as if you have been friends all your life.

  8. Hi

    I am so glad Odin came through the surgery well. I had been thinking about him on the weekend and hoping all went well.

    I don't know who Arlee is.
    Maybe you could explain in a post or send me an email.

    Thanks for your various comments on my blog. Glad someone is reading it besides my family.



  9. Looking forward to hearing all the details on Wed.

  10. Anonymous9:02 PM

    he he..from the sounds of it Irene we won't be able to get a word in edgewise!!
    Mrs Noofy

  11. Hi Mary Anne, So glad you got to meet Arlee, I hope Anne Marie hooked up with her too. Unfortunately I am in Florida until next week. I would have loved to meet a mailart friend. Donna

  12. Dec 12/19----i just had to find this post again, to remind myself of connections and friendship. Thank you again, most beautiful blogging friend :) HUGS.

    1. And hugs right back at you!! That day was SO much fun!


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