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Monday, February 02, 2009


Well folks - I did have a picture to post. Blogger is having a hiccup tonight and will not load the picture in. So, I guess I shall have to mumble instead. Let me see...

- you might like to check out the work at this site
- several more Canadian sites you might find interesting:;;
- for those of you interested in collage, check out
- also at

- today was grocery shopping day ( LEAST favourite activity) but I managed to get a quick trip to Michaels, mainly to buy some wool and some E6000 glue. I can't understand how several other things managed to leap into my basket...the latest issues of Art Doll Quarterly and Belle Armoire Jewellry; some absolutely wonderful metal wings (bought all they had); and a Swarovski crystal cross. Nope, no idea how they got there.

- while at the grocery store a package of 100 (!!) brown paper lunch bags lept into the cart too. Hmm...must find SEVERAL projects to do in order to use them up (none of which will include lunches either).

(why do I think this post is headed for the great hole in the ozone layer??? Blog-grrr is having issues. Better quit while I'm ahead?


  1. Thanks for the smile - I see you are maintaining your frugal vow !!!

  2. i'll be interested to see what you do with the lunch bags. i had troubles with blogger too, must be a lot of traffic. K.


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