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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Quick update

First, thank you so very much for all your comments about Odin. We all appreciate your concern so much.

At the moment we're on a holding pattern and doing our utmost with four different times of drops (given at LOTS of various times during the day...and night) in an effort to save his eye. The veterinarian opthomologist thinks that the glaucoma was caused by some sort of infection behind his eye and not something he has inherited. If that is the case there is hope that we can save the sight in his other eye and maybe, just maybe, we won't have to remove the blinded eye. At the very least we are hopeful to prolong the process.

We are also having to deal with an ulcer which formed on the iris of his blind eye due to his not being able to close his eye (and thus keep it moist, which in turn caused it to ulcerate). We have to get the swelling down in order for that to heal, which seems to be happening. All in all, it's been a pretty *interesting* few days!!

Obviously I haven't had a chance to do anything creative (unless you count my going around muttering to myself about times for drops!!) and I'm feeling at a loss. Obviously I need to create.

This picture of Odin is a much better one that Shawn (#2 son) sent for me to post for you to see. You can see why we love him!


  1. I am so sorry to hear about Odin and his eyesight, What kind of Dog is he. We have a dog but she is a mixed breed but bares some resemblance to your Dear Odin.You have given me some cause for concern. Shadow our dog has had a few boughts of eye incidents where she has had what I thought of a an unusual amount of discharge from her eyes but as it did not not seem infected and here eyes were an okay colour I have not persude it. I think now I will. I will follow the progress of your beautiful Odin.

  2. Odin is adorable MA and I hope he keeps improving.

  3. Oh, your dog looks like a friendly dog. I hope his one eye will get better and that you can threat the other well. If you dog is sick, it feels as if a child is sick.

  4. He has such a sweet face. It's so hard when they're sick. I know that when one of mine is ill the world seems to stop turning. I hope he continues to improve.

  5. kisses on his cute cute schnozzle :}

  6. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Hang in there Odin...Rocky sends his best wishes.
    Mrs Noofy

  7. Glad he is doing better. They are like your children. We no longer ha ve a pet since we retired but both our son and daughter have them. Our daughter has Bauer who you have seen on my blog and Mike has 2 collies who I will post one of these days. Took their pics at Christmas.

    Give him a big pat from me.



  8. Awwww...poor sweetness! Sad that he is going through such an awful ordeal. Hope he makes out okay.



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