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Thursday, January 08, 2009

VERY exquisite corpse!

My Exquisite Corpse is home and I am totally thrilled with it! Thank you so much to Linda, Deirdre, Leslie, Corryna and Gail for their beautiful work, and to Arlee for arranging for us to have absolutely too much fun.

Firstly, a bit of this 'round' there were 6 participants. The originator (owner) of the piece drew a picture/pattern on fabric and then divided it into six sections - one for each person participating. Then we worked one section of our design and covered it up (both front and back) so absolutely no clues were showing as to what we did. It travelled to the next person in the group where they completed another section of the design, again covering their work totally. In some cases it was fairly evident what the actual design was, but some were quite mysterious. After the piece had 'visited' all the group members, it was returned home to the owner who then uncovered all the areas to reveal the completed design. Every single one of these that have returned home so far ARE exquisite and now we're poised to begin another series, with some new players added to the mix.

This photo (altho blurry...sorry) shows how my piece started out.... This is the completed piece. Isn't it gorgeous? I'm not an artist who is very good at drawing anything, so my design was quite simplistic. I was blown away that two particpants put dragonflies on their areas. How cool is that?
This is a close-up of the area that Linda worked on. There are tons of beads (I don't come by my 'magpie' nickname without having a love for sparkly things!). I love the colours she used and there's such a variety of beads. Lovely!!

Next is the area Deirdre worked on. More beads and beautiful fabrics (maybe hand-dyed??) No, Arlee you may not have that fabric on the's mine, mine, all mine!!

This part is by Gail. I love the colours in this area. The darker area looks like it's felted, but I'm not sure - the colour is beautiful. The orange looks to be a fabric she created with all sorts of interesting 'bits' and there's beads! See the dragonflies?

Next is Corryna. She has stamped some pretty dragonflies AND if you look r-e-a-l close you can see the most exquisite wee stitched dragonflies. I'm not sure the picture will even begin to do them justice. There's more 'sparklies' on this part too.

Last, but certainly not least, is what Leslie did. This area looks very crazy-quilt-ish (which is one of my favourite art forms). She highlighted the flowers with beads, silk ribbon, and gold stitching.

THANK YOU so much ladies for all your hard work! I will treasure this and display it prominently in my studio.


  1. Very NICE! Now you are joining the ranks of us mistresses who are facing the challenge of finishing off corpses with heavily beaded areas ;-)

  2. your corpse looks wonderful... I take it you'll be playing again from the wording you used. Hope this round goes as well for you.

  3. It is so great to work on something together. I really like being in this group with you and appreciate your work. I want to thank you for the wonderful work you did on my EC and hope you will have a lovely time in the next round. Due to other activities I can not join the next round. Maybe I will be in again, if another round will follow.

  4. this is wonderful, and so is the CQ block on the next post (couldnt comment yesterday so this is a two-fer deal). the EC is a very interesting concept.


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