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Friday, January 09, 2009

Behind, but done

Yes, I am finally finished working on the November TIF challenge piece and a picture is below. My November and December pieces were put aside and now I need to finish them up so I can put them together!

Before you look at the picture though, I have a few places you might want to visit. First, the CyberFyber exhibition is now open and you can see videos of the wonderful world-wide art show that Susan Lenz has put together. It is absolutely fantastic and I really wish I could see it in person. Susan traded atcs and postcards with many of us and there is also a large element of art from invited artists. Go and won't be sorry! More information can be found at and also at . I am very happy that I have an atc in the show!!

I also found this (through SharonB) - This is a great place for crazy quilters to visit because she is running a series of seam treatments through 2009 (12 dozen seam treatments in 12 months). Well worth a look-see!!

Here's a couple more I found interesting - (lots of free images on here) and (more free images and very creative art too).

Have fun with the sites, and as promised, here is the picture.....

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  1. It was worth the wait to see it MA


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