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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Creativity from today

Today was our monthly CQTeers meeting and we played with a couple of new-to-us techniques. This first one came from the "Craft Chi" site and this particular example was an image from a Dover book which I printed off onto regular copy paper. Then we added a nice coat of hot glue; ironed it (between two sheets of parchment paper to protect the iron!) until it was smooth; let it cool; removed the parchment paper;and then moistened the paper backing & removed it. The original instructions said to print the image using a toner-based copier (which I don't have) or onto photo paper. We tried the photo paper, but the backing on it is so thick and will take ages to soak off (if ever). Desperation led to the use of regular copy paper and it does give a nice transparent image. The second technique we played with was from 'The Artful Mama' site. The image on the upper left of this picture was black Staz-On ink rubber stamped onto regular copy paper. The image on the right was also Staz-On ink stamped onto the paper side of freezer paper. The bottom image was just something I had laying around that had been run through my printer. We rubbed each image (gently!) with baby oil and allowed it to soak in for about an hour. After wiping off the excess we ended up with some pretty nice images. The original instructions suggested we try it on waxed paper, but the results from that were disappointing. Apparently there is a type of wax paper you can get that is waxed only on one side, which might be better.
Last, but certainly not least was our pincushion exchange (sorry about the rotten picture quality...try enlarging it?). The one on the lower right was made by Sue (she embossed velvet...lovely!); Irene made the two smaller round ones (the top left has a little round box below it for storage, and the smallest one is made from antique Japanese fabric on a bottle cap base). The remaining pincushion I made, partially using instructions from the latest edition (just out) of CQMagOnline. The base on it is a cd.

I just realized I forgot to include the wonderful bookmark Sue made for each of us in the pictures...tomorrow I will show you that.

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