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Friday, January 16, 2009

Need ideas and input...

I'm looking for suggestions for my TIF challenge quilt and I thought I'd go to the experts that read my blog (yes, this means YOU).

The individual blocks for this quilt are quite heavy with the embellishments that I have included and I'm pretty sure that the finished quilt will be inclined to buckle when it is hung. What would you suggest I do to either eliminate or greatly reduce that tendancy?? Any and all ideas are welcome!

So....put your thinking caps on and tell me what you think. (Please?)


  1. rather than making it into a traditional quilt what about stretching it like a canvas knowing its meant for wall display?

    if you really want it as a quilt perhaps a "second" backing flap that would allow the insertion of a piece of thin wood behind to stretch the quilt when hung....

    or the least likely to work in my mind...a series of rod pockets down the back rather than simply one?

  2. I think it will depend on the way you join the blocks.
    By that I mean instead of having rows of say 3 blocks wide and 4 blocks down why not have 4 wide and 3 down-or 6 wide and 2 down.
    By extending the width of the blocks you will be giving the quilt more support on the rod.
    Hope this helps that is if you understand what I mean.

  3. fuse it to some heavy duty interfacing - dont know how though.
    or make lots of very small hidden stitches all over each block to tie it to the backing.
    or make them into a book. I like the idea of stretching them on canvas - especially if you had a nice big wall to display them on.
    goodluck. (dont listen to me i dont know what Im talking about).

  4. I was going to say what Donna said with the canvas! It's very easy to do and looks smashing!

    One more sleep until i'm in Ontary ary ary o!

  5. Hi Mary Anne

    I made a wallhanging out of an antique fan quilt that I bought at an antique show. It was made by a group because all the pieces were different black backgrounds and different levels of stitching so you could tell one person didn't make it. I took the squares apart and some fell apart but was able to salvage a lot. I took 4 of each of the fans and made a circle.
    I made 4 circles and stitched them to a black bombazine type fabric then went around each square with some black trim just to even them out.
    I then decided not to make it into a quilt but we took wood and Harv made me a frame of 2 x 2 wood and joined them with angle irons at the 4 corners. I stretched the fabric over the frame and stapled it down.

    I have it hanging in my hallway of our Florida home. When we leave I take it down and lay it on the bed to give it some rest. Also I rotate it if I can remember which side was up last year. It has been up there for 9-10 years and still looking good. I will post a pic on my blog when I find one.

    You could also check out Allie's blog as I remember her giving instructions on finishing. Also Annie from Australia who did the Katrina quilt has a great tutorial on finishing. I can't think of her blog name but someone will know it.




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