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Monday, January 19, 2009

We ate cake! (and update on Odin)

Son and his girlfriend arrived on the weekend with this yummy looking (AND tasting!) cake that she had made. This is real whipped cream folks! It was soooo good and I know it took her hours to make. Closeup of it's yummy goodness.....
The latest news on Odin....we just got back from seeing the specialist again and we will be having his eye removed this Friday. The swelling has gone down considerably but it still isn't healing properly and the odds are very high that the swelling will become recurring. The infection is within the eye itself and thankfully hasn't spread.
Although we feel really badly about having to do this, our outlook was changed tremendously while we waited to see the vet. Two of the dogs that came in were in far worse shape than Odin and were doing quite well. One was a boxer who had lost her front leg and the other was a scotch collie that had lost the use of his hind legs and was motoring around in a wheeled trap. Neither of them looked unhappy with their lot, so we know that Odin will get along just fine with one eye. I think God wanted us to see those dogs so we would not feel so badly about what we're facing.


  1. Yuuuuuummmmm! I'd like a piece, please.

    One of our dogs had gotten a bad infection from having his eye pierced with a blade of beach grass. He ended up losing it. A glass eyeball filled the socket and his eye was stitched shut. In a very short time we could hardly tell that he couldn't see out of that side. He still ran and chased with our younger dog and had no problems navigating.

  2. I was just fancying something sweet and that cake would fill the bill.
    Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better about does sound more hopeful.

  3. The Lord does work in mysterious ways doesn't He.

  4. I hope that cream was lo-cal cream, M A, VBG. On second thoughts, it never tastes as good as the real thing and I'm all for good tasting food, so I hope you had a LARGE piece. I'm sure with lots of TLC Odin will cope with the eye removal quite well, and look as gorgeous as ever. I'll be thinking of you all on Friday.

  5. sounds like a nice girlfriend-in-law you've got there.
    when i was a kid we had a dog who lost an eye. initially it puffed right up the size of a golfball (it was a dauchshund) but once the swelling subsided she was left with a furry socket and you couldnt really notice - nothing so fancy as a glass eye like Nellies dog - so if you have the option of a glass eye.... but even without one, it was ok.


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