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Friday, June 20, 2008

New project and faces

I can't show you (yet) what I spent much of today working on, but I did want to post a picture of the first two pages of Irene's fabric book round robin. Her theme is faces. The face on the left was done by her and Kym did the one on the right. I've finished mine, but it is one of the things I won't show until Irene has seen it.
The other picture is a knitting bag I am making for myself - mainly as a prototype. I'm trying to put the best of several commercial patterns together (along with a couple of additions of my own) and hope to come up with something that is functional. Again, I'm using some of my stash denim so I don't have to put out any money until I'm sure I have what I want. The whole thing just might be a total waste of time!!


  1. Thanks for preview - I'm looking forward to next page!

  2. I love that moon and sun!Beautiful!!


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