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Monday, June 23, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

Isn't this an absolutely gorgeous oriental poppy? I think they are one of my favourite flowers.
As for the beast part of this post...see the two pictures of our garage? That's only a small portion of the junk we've hauled out of varying parts of our abode that we hope to get rid of in a massive yard sale on Saturday. Provided it doesn't rain, of course!! No matter what, none of it is returning into the house or the garage!!!!!!!! What doesn't sell will go to the thrift store; free to a good home on the side of the road; and/or the dump.
I've been pretty much through all the house, but will skim over it again for anything I might have overlooked. Jack is still going through the workshop, so he'll be adding a bunch more before the week is over.
At the moment I don't have a sewing table because it's out in the garage...for sale too. What I use is an old VERY heavy door that's on foldable legs, which serves the purpose but it's a beast if I want to move it. I'm hoping that there will be enough moulah in my pocket at the end of the sale so I can buy a nice heavy-duty plastic one that will be easier to move around.
Oh...and we have had an increase in our local wildlife in the neighbourhood...three baby skunks are now wandering around and making the dogs go wild. We have to be careful when we step out the back door that they aren't choosing that moment to do a parade-by. Fun!!

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  1. may many shoppers with lots of spare cash stop by on Sat for you


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