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Monday, June 30, 2008


Finally I can show you the square I did for Doreen ( ). This was mailed to her April 23rd and arrived (via slow boat) today!! Never again will I mail something overseas via surface mail.

Doreen and I did an exchange whereby we each pieced the background and then sent it to the other to complete. I had lots of fun working with her colours and was able to include a few Canadian icons too.

As for the yard rained. It poured actually. So...I just finished coughing up the money for yet another ad in the paper and hopefully it will actually happen THIS Saturday. In the meantime, the table wanted for my workroom happened to be on sale so I pre-spent some garage sale earnings and got it. Now I can at least get a bit of work done this week!!


  1. A lesson well learned MA but I love it.

  2. Your block is beautiful! I too hope a first class package arrives in Turkey soon. I guess there's still hope.


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