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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Got some sewing done!

Finally had a chance to sit down for a couple of hours this afternoon and stitch, so I actually have a picture to show today. It's not done, of course, but it's getting there.

Doreen made a comment the other day wondering why I had a safety pin in one of the areas, so thought I'd fess up as to why it's there (in case you are overwhelmed with curiosity!). These blocks are not only using the colours suggested by SharonB in her Take It Further challenge, but I'm also trying to blend them together somewhat by having some common 'ingredients' to each block - one seam that is a trim (either commercially made, tatted, or crocheted); a cigarette silk; and a grouping of buttons from my stash. I decide where I want to put my button cluster when I first begin the handwork and, because the buttons tend to grab onto threads and cause me much angst, I simply mark the area with a safety pin. Simple, but effective. I won't mention that it's also there to remind me to leave a spot for the buttons since my memory just ain't what it used to be!!


  1. the safety pin is a great solution to your issue! I'm really interested to see all these blocks together...

  2. I love this block MA and you have some very interesting seam treatments on it.


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