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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

June TIF and orchid cactus flowers

I know that I've shown the orchid cactus flowers before but thought I'd show the two different ones I have. The pink one has outdone itself this year and had at least fifty blossoms, so far. It's the second time it has bloomed too, which is surprising. The red one is a little less prolific but no less pretty.
The other picture is of the beginning I made for the June Take It Further challenge. Check out SharonB's blog at to find out more and to see where the inpiration for colours came from. Would you believe the kitchen sink?


  1. OO i like the colour combo in that TIF--nice!

    The white christmas cactus you sent me is getting new leaves and getting bigger :]

  2. Like what you've done with an odd and interesting selection of colours. Good going!!

  3. I want to come over and use your computer--your colours are a lot different than mine and I like yours better.


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