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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Corpses Arrived!!!

I'm so excited with my mail today!! I received a parcel from Emmy which included Betty's Exquisite Corpse from Round 1 and mine all completed!! I could hardly wait to uncover each section, but I also wanted to take time to savour each and every part. A massive understatement would be to say I'm thrilled!
*IF* these pictures post in the order I want them to (always a challenge with me!!), the first one should be of the whole piece. I tried to take pictures outside in the sun but all the shiny bits reflected too much so I ended up using my studio lighting which obviously isn't the best either. Please click on each picture to see more detail!
My theme was 'Escape' and my colours were primarily black and purple, with whatever the artist wanted to add beyond that. The first picture you see should be of the bottom left corner which was done by Michelle. Lots and lots of wonderful texture and words and also one of her beautiful bottle caps. I wish everybody could touch this one!
The second picture is of the bottom right and is by Ginger. Again, lots of texture and wonderful machine sure you notice the eyes peeping out from the corner. That has to be tricky to do using a machine!!
Third is middle left and is by Reta. What a great escape this would be- a lovely bathtub with a glass of wine and lots and lots of bubbles. Ahhh....heaven on earth!
Next is by Emmy (middle right) and has absolutely amazing texture too. I think she's done lots of burning of the different layers. Wish you could feel this one too!!
The upper left is by Betty and is the most amazingly detailed labrynth, complete with a silver wizard charm. How cool is that?! An incredible amount of hand stitching went into this.
Lastly, on the upper right is the part I did to begin it all. We were playing with an embellisher that my friend has and this was pretty much my test piece to see how the machine worked. The face was another test piece when we tried out angelina fibres with rubber stamps & an iron. She just seemed to 'fit' somehow. The actual 'Escape' bit was a lovely little piece of play I received from Irene and I just added the word.
I am so absolutely blown away by the talent in this group and by how much fun it has been to take part. It has stretched my creativity and also tried to teach me patience as I waited for the next one to arrive. I'm not sure about the patience part, but it's certainly been a blast.
Thank you so very, very much to Arlee (for arranging this whole thing and being such an excellent leader) and to Betty, Reta, Emmy, Michelle and Ginger. You are all spectacular!!


  1. WOW, that IS a spectacular whole! Lucky you!!!!! Isn't it amazing too all the interpretations of one word??
    Well done, my Fabulous CorpseMistresses!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a great piece. Love the face in the upper right corner.

  3. What a beautiful group of interpretations. Lots of talent there and all so different.

    I need to go back again and take more time with each pic.

  4. It's gorgeous! The theme was so challenging and I couldn't wait to see what we came up with - we dun good!!

  5. Anonymous6:19 PM

    this is wonderful - i really love the idea of the EC project - would never be game to join in though

  6. wow...excellent! the results are so good both individually and collectively. Impressive!

  7. WOW! Lots of wonderful bits and pieces that came together successfully. Kudos to all of you corpse mistresses.


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