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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Frustration and sites

The title for this post disguises the fact that really - all I'm doing today is mumbling (and bitching).

The lack of picture today is due to the fact that I have spent the entire afternoon trying (in vain, I might add) to locate an address or phone number for the makers of our furnace. Such a place doesn't exist in Canada as far as I can see. I have unravelled the mysteries of using the 411 information number locator on the internet (so I guess it hasn't been a complete waste). Our furnace has being doing something 'odd' for months and we've had the service people here numerous times with nothing being resolved. We have finally reached the point where they quite obviously have no clue and really don't want to hear from us anymore. So...I'm trying to get help by going over their heads. I finally located 'a person' who has told me to phone 'another person' who in turn told me to call 'person #3'. The maddening part of all this (other than I wasted my afternoon) is that the furnace isn't even two years old yet. Arghhhhhhhh!!!!

Tonight I've been talked into going to see the movie 'Sex in The City'. Not sure about this, but at least it's good for a night out!

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  1. I know what you mean MA about the furnace --we have been having trouble with our gas heater.
    We purchased a new one in January last year ready for winter.
    well winter came and the heater fan made a terrible noise so they replaced it only to discover a few weeks later that there was this terrible toxic burning rubber smell coming out of it so they replaced the heater--which worked well until we decided to fire it up this winter.
    Well the thing started over heating and cutting out and we haven't been able to use it and now they are going to replace the fan !!!
    in 18 months we have had 2 heaters and 4 fans(2 original ones and 2 replacement ones)
    We have told them we want it all sorted out because the warranty runs out in July.


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