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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good mail today!

Good mail...poor scan! Camera battery is dead, of course. Click on the image to get more detail.
This is the 2009 Piecemakers Times and Seasons calendar/book that came today. I am really happy I ordered it. It's not only a beautiful coloured calendar, but also includes the patterns, stitches, and lots of hints to make the quilt shown here. Lots of drool-power in this one!
I got mine from Janet Stauffacher of, but you can also order it directly from Piecemakers at


dogonart said...

Look forward to getting a peak at this

dogonart said...

wonders will never cease - I finally got through to you. Don't know why it wouldn't work before?!?

Jo in NZ said...

This is a beautiful quilt.
Is it like a block of the month and they send you everything you need, or do you just follow a pattern?

That central butterfly doesn't sing though.....artistic license needed I think. LOL