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Friday, June 06, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot!

Last night we had a huge thunderstorm and rain and now it's turned hot, which in turn makes it feel like a steam bath outside. I refuse to complain though, because so many other areas of our world are going through such weather disasters.

Further on the 'hot' theme, I'm giving you another site today that I discovered through Allison Aller's post yesterday (Allison is doing something wonderful on her blog with flowers...go and see!... ). She gave a link to an absolutely awe-inspiring quilt that Debra Spincic has done. I was totally blown away when I saw it. Since I still can't seem to master the art of doing a proper cut&paste link (I know, I know, it's simple...for some people!), I will attempt this and hope it works: If that doesn't work for you, try looking at this: I am in total awe of this piece of work and I know you will be too. Enjoy!!


  1. It worked and you are right it is fantastic

  2. Thanks for the link. Beautiful work.

  3. oh shut up :} it's 5 degrees this morning with pissy rain and t/l and my garden is drowned..........we are WISHING for some hot!!!!!!


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