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Friday, June 27, 2008

Book page and Extreme Frustration

This is one of the promised pictures of the page I made to go in Irene's book. She went to Japan last year, and, because her theme is 'faces', I decided that a geisha would be perfect. I have appliqued the elements onto a backing. Her face is painted with white gesso. Her kimono is from a piece of 'play' I did using a Swiffer dustcloth (washed, of course!!) as a backing and then layered with bits of threads, silk ribbon bits, angelina fibres, and whatever else was floating around my studio. I think I threw some paint on there too, but can't remember exactly. The backside (which I forgot to photograph) has a Japanese quote and is made from strips of actual kimono fabric I had in my stash.

The frustration part of this post is because my studio is in SUCH a state of upheaval and I can't begin to work down here. We're having the garage sale tomorrow and my work table is out there holding 'junque'. The table itself is for sale too and will be replaced with a collapsible plastic one that will be so much easier to move around (the one I've been using is h-e-a-v-y). Just to complicate matters, one of my organizational containers chose to leap off the shelf and disgorge it's entire contents all over the floor (or what part of the floor that is visible at the moment!). What a mess!! Of course it's full of threads (many of them metallics and you know how they tangle up) and I've spent over an hour trying to put things back. I want this yard sale over with so I can have my studio back!!!

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