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Thursday, April 30, 2009

A book and sniffle, snuffle, drrriiipppp

Today I have pictures of the front and backs of the pages I will be putting together into my art book. My friends in the little group I belong to each did a couple of the pages and there's also one from my friend Arlee. The front cover is what I did. My theme was beverages (mostly coffee & tea). I'm so thrilled with it and now have to make the back cover and put it together.

As for the sniffling, snuffling, and dripping part....spring allergies. What more can I say?


Anne Marie - Toronto said...

I like this idea, MA! Did you all punch and place the grommets, or was it a pre-done form that you just added to? Inquiring minds want to know so they could do one in the future. Thanks!

FredaB said...

You have my pity with your allergies. I have just about gotten over them down here and now I go back and start again up North. Meds, meds, lots of meds.



paulahewitt said...

i love it. i recognise Arlee's page. poor you with the sniffle. at least it isnt pig flu