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Friday, May 18, 2018

The last two

This is the final post in the cup and saucer 'series' I've been doing.  As I mentioned before, my collection is small!!

This one has a quite nondescript outside
and it's only as you drink your tea that
you realize the pattern is on the inside.
It only has the words 'Fine China' on the
bottom - no other identifying marks.

This one is from my mother's collection.
She never had 'good' dishes and when
company would come she would set
the table with her normal mismatched pieces
that she used every day.  When I got my first job
I decided that for every occasion such as birthday and 
Christmas, I would buy her a place setting for her
favourite pattern.  She ended up with enough
for twelve settings, as well as some completer pieces
which I have now inherited.
The pattern is 'Trillium' by Royal Albert
and has since been discontinued.

And, just to prove that I HAVE been doing something in the stitch part of my life, here's an update on the latest barn I'm working on...


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  1. Anonymous7:27 PM

    Hi Maryanne love your last two cups you sure have some pretty sets,love your barn ,well done my friend xx

  2. Anonymous10:53 AM

    I loved your series on China! Love cup and saucers and I have lots from the Quaker's collection. I try to use them as much as possible. Somehow coffee (must be some kind of a sacrelage) and maybe tea too tastes a whole lot better!


  3. I love your last two cups, too. And I love that you slowly gave your mother a complete set of china. And beautiful china it is! I love the (almost?) sage green. Funny... owning china didn't seem important to me when I was getting married (and I guess, in all honesty I still don't find it terribly important), but when I inherited a set from my husband's grandmother (stamped only with "Made in Occupied Japan") I was thrilled. It's a simple rose pattern, but to me it's so pretty. It takes center stage in my china cabinet (that I purchased at auction from a beloved aunt's estate). Thank you for sharing your tea cup collection with us. :)

  4. You were so sweet to gift your mother a china place setting for every occasion. Your Teacups are so lovely. I like to use the “good” dishes once in a while. Usually I am always saving the “good” stuff but no longer. The younger generations don’t seem to appreciate our treasures in their disposable world. Sunny Saturday Smiles Dear...<3

  5. Looks like another great project you have going. I do so enjoy checking out the links you share. I might be a broken record about that, sorry!

  6. How lovely of your to gift your mother a piece of pretty china for each birthday and Christmas. You do have the prettiest cups in your small collection. This latest barn is coming along nicely.

  7. How lovely of you to gift your mother lovely china for birthdays and Christmas. I always thinks tea tastes sweeter in a pretty teacup. Your latest barn is coming along nicely.

  8. Hi Mary Ann. Thanks for sharing your tea cups. I have a cup and saucer in the 'Trillium' pattern by Royal Albert.
    I got it over 20 yr.s ago while we were vacationing in Canada. Time flies!
    And your work looks great, good for you.
    The beehive pincushion is cute and I scrolled down and saw other cute and funny pincushions too.
    How about the voodoo doll pincushion? Try taking one of those to an art retreat, that would be a hoot.

  9. Beautiful cups Mary Anne. I love china and have enjoyed seeing your collection. Love the new barn too. I walk past a beautiful barn locally here in Switzerland when I walk my dogs. I thought of you the last time I passed it! Have a lovely week! Christine x

  10. I enjoyed your teacup series! And thanks for the link to those quilt patterns - the sheer quantity is amazing. Naturally, I HAD to bookmark it.

  11. Your barn is coming along! Love watching them progress.


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